It was  your picture, where I first saw you

That charm has captivated me

Since then, you have become part of my illusion

Dreaming that I were real in you as you exist in my mind

But “we” only exists in a daydream

Since I met you in that picture, you have always been a beautiful nightmare to me

In my daydream, I’m always longing for that pain

But in that pain, I realized that there’s no love at all

Despite  that, I have always wished to see you existing

Not just  in a  picture, but a true person standing in front of me

I hope that I have met you before, when you were still there nearby

But it seemed that the stars were aligned for us not to meet in reality

Indeed, everything between “us” will only exist through the pictures and a daydream

If the universe will be kind, I hope that you will get to know even a just a piece of me

Just like how I knew about you through the pictures

 Despite the impossibility, I still hope to have a glimpse of your existence


Why Motherhood is Stress-sed Calling the Telephone?

We have several relatives abroad whom we regularly communicate with and by that I mean almost everyday. Growing up, I became familiar with the English language partly because I would overhear snippets of my family’s conversations with our relatives over the phone. Filipino is our primary language at home so we would sometimes joke about how speaking in straight English feels awkward and gives us a nose bleed. Eventually, we developed our own words and expressions that became part of our daily banter at home.