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What’s next for K to 12?

It has been two years since the first batch of Grade 11 students pioneered senior high school in the country. The two additional years in high school promised them a better future by preparing them for higher education and even employment. A few months from now, around 1.5 million senior high school students will graduate. Then, we just need to wait and see whether or not our educational system’s initial venture into the K to 12 program had been fruitful.



Is the Philippines ‘PWD-friendly’ enough?

Aboard in his wheelchair, Louie Pagayon carries loads of papers with him. One set on his lap and another between his legs. He brings them from the ground floor of the Quezon City Hall to the mayor’s office at the fourth floor. This is what his normal day looks like as a supply officer for the city’s engineering department.

Out of the 92. 1 million Filipinos in 2010, 1, 443 are persons with disabilities (PWDs) according to the National Statistics Office. Of the 1.5% of disabled persons in the country, Louie is one of them.



It was  your picture, where I first saw you

That charm has captivated me

Since then, you have become part of my illusion

Dreaming that I were real in you as you exist in my mind

But “we” only exists in a daydream

Since I met you in that picture, you have always been a beautiful nightmare to me

In my daydream, I’m always longing for that pain

But in that pain, I realized that there’s no love at all

Despite  that, I have always wished to see you existing

Not just  in a  picture, but a true person standing in front of me

I hope that I have met you before, when you were still there nearby

But it seemed that the stars were aligned for us not to meet in reality

Indeed, everything between “us” will only exist through the pictures and a daydream

If the universe will be kind, I hope that you will get to know even a just a piece of me

Just like how I knew about you through the pictures

 Despite the impossibility, I still hope to have a glimpse of your existence

Spotlight: Mr. Cesar Apolinario

At a very young age of seven, he started working as a takatak vendor in the streets of Cubao. When he turned 18, he tried his luck overseas and served as a fast food attendant for two years.

Now he is a renowned film maker and broadcast journalist. Having landed these two high profile jobs was an accident for Cesar Apolinario. (more…)

The Rise of Cults and Ignorance

During the 2010 elections a few candidates have already experimented on social media by posting campaign ads on Facebook. Six years later, social media has evolved and significantly changed the landscape of election campaigning. Television commercials, print advertisements, and campaign rallies alone no longer enough. Filipinos have gone digital and it is necessary to make noise online in order for the voting public to pay attention to a candidate. (more…)